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Meet Tinote

CMMS for smart maintenance management


Tinote efficiently plans and manages maintenance

data transparency and reliability (one source of truth)

quick issue reporting, smooth communication

complete overview of planned and ongoing tasks

multiple user roles (manager, planner, technician, biller...)

detailed history and actual operating costs of all assets

optimisation of HR capacities

available anytime, anywhere

for internal teams and servicing organisations


Expected results

months ROI
0 %
average reaction time reduction
0 %
spare parts inventory reduction

Top features

Overview of main CMMS features

manufacturing cmms

All essential data in one place

Manage all information about your assets. Check the maintenance calendar including history and display complete documentation. Reports show full operating costs of all assets as well as data about spare parts consumption. Clear, relevant statistics allow you to optimise part ordering and reduce inventory.

Your capacities at your fingertips

It takes just a single click to display upcoming tasks of your staff. This way you always have an accurate overview of current and future capacities. You can easily display a full order history. Drag & drop functionality allows you to make changes quickly and effortlessly. A new work request can be issued directly by customers, received automatically from assets or created in the application interface.

maintenance management software

Less time, fewer unnecessary trips

Tinote can even help you plan the logistics of scheduled maintenance jobs. Integrate it with Google Maps to display customer sites with assets to be serviced, or with technologies for indoor asset localisation. Prepare optimal plans of jobs and tasks and use your capacities in a smarter and more efficient way!

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Why Tinote CMMS

Your benefits

ease of use

clean, intuitive design makes user experience smooth and enjoyable

availability and mobility

available in a web browser - on a PC as well as mobile devices

traceablity and reliability

all operations and key data can be looked up within seconds, making decision making easier

complete overview

information about assets, teams, clients and spare parts always at hand

focus on prevention

preventive care helps you avoid unnecessary downtime and use your equipment efficiently

lean processes, quick ROI

easier communication, faster reactions, less waste = quick ROI


Integration as the basis of a smart digital ecosystem

Do you want to make the most out of Tinote? Integrate it easily with technologies and systems you are already using.

This way you will create a fully digitised system with a high level of automation that allows you to respond to situations faster than ever before.

asset (machine) connectivity

Tinote can receive automatic notifications from assets and report when maintenance is needed

ERP & accounting software

the app sends data and reports on spare part ordering, invoicing and inventory

localisation technologies

keep track of the assets and plan maintenance logistics based on their position

available on mobile devices

an authorised user can easily report an issue on any mobile device