Healthcare CMMS | Medical equipment maintenance

Keep your medical devices healthy. Keep your patients safe.

CMMS for healthcare facilities

No more time-consuming, inefficient, costly management of your devices.

Healthcare facilities and equipment must operate at their peak performance to ensure patient comfort and safety and staff readiness. But keeping track of hundreds or even thousands of devices and making sure they are all in perfect condition is a challenging job.

Tinote, a smart CMMS, can definitely make the job less challenging.

Focus on your patients while Tinote takes care of the rest.


Your facility + Tinote = the perfect match

Patient safety

The medical staff can focus on their work instead of worrying about equipment running smoothly.

Top performance

Monitor the condition of all devices, perform preventive jobs regularly and fix issues quickly.


Plan and track regular inspections in order to stay compliant with all regulations.

Cost efficiency

Extend the asset life, increase the reputation and capacities of your hospital.

Complete picture

Have a complete overview of the devices, their performance, spare parts and costs.

Team productivity

Manage scheduling, dispatching and tracking of the work crews efficiently!


Stay informed! Use Tinote as one source of truth and never lose track of imporant data.

Continuous improvement

Thanks to the data you get access to, you can improve your maintenance process.

Smart. Efficient. Reliable

One system. Complete overview for everyone

Access information about all your devices and biomedical team(s) in just one system!

It doesn't matter if you are a small facility or a group of hospitals. It doesn't matter whether you are a manager, planner, technician, engineer, HQ head or a 3rd party service organization. You can all be connected to one source of truth.

Easier data access = faster workflow = less time and money wasted.

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Top features

Healthcare CMMS software

Smart inventory management

Collect, store and access all information about your devices. Check the maintenance calendar including history and display complete documentation. Find out where exactly a device is located and whether it is available at any point or not. Use serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes for quick access. Reports show full operating costs of all devices as well as data about spare parts consumption. The availability of maintenance plans allows you to optimize spare part ordering and reduce inventory. You'll always know which parts will be needed and when - and allocate them accordingly.

Efficient labor management

Scheduling, dispatching and tracking the work crews and the assignments they have been allocated can all be done in a matter of seconds with Tinote. You can easily manage your employees using features that are custom made in order to suit the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Tinote also comes with ready-to-use templates that enable you to implement preventive maintenance tasks while cutting down both time and effort.

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Less time, fewer unnecessary trips

Tinote can even help you plan the logistics of scheduled maintenance jobs. Integrate it with Google Maps to display customer sites with assets to be serviced, or with technologies for indoor asset localisation. Prepare optimal plans of jobs and tasks and use your capacities in a smarter and more efficient way!


Expected ROI and KPI improvements

inventory cost reduction
0 %
reactive maintenance reduction
0 %
increased availability
Smooth & transparent workflow

Issue, assign, execute, track. It's that simple.


easy issue reporting via QR codes or barcodes


smooth work order management (from task assigning to execution to reporting)


preventive maintenance and inspection planning (automatic requests)


complete documentation and reports for tracking and auditing

Why work with us

Our mission

Great expertise

We partner with world-class institutions, clinicians and software professionals to continually look for more efficient solutions for the healthcare industry.

Focus on the user

Outstanding user experience is one of our ultimate goals. We want users to find Tinote smart and simple, and to be happy with the amount of work the app does for them.

First-class service

We pride ourselves on customer service that has great quality, availability and flexibility. Our consultants are ready to help you with any requests.


Let us take care of your devices - so you can take care of your patients.